■ Local tourist attractions

〇 Mt. Moiwa
The 531-meter-high Mt. Moiwa is located in the southern part of Sapporo. The mountain is also called inkar-us-pe (meaning a lookout) in the Ainu language, and its summit commands panoramic views of Sapporo and the northern sea in the distance. The night view, which is acknowledged as one of the new three major night views of Japan, is especially spectacular. Visitors can easily reach the summit by using the ropeway from the foot of the mountain to the halfway point and Mo-risu Car, a mini cable car using the world's first drive system, from the halfway point to the summit. This easily accessible mountain, which has five trails (shortest course: 2.4 km; longest course: 4.5 km), is popular with city residents and crowded with hikers in summer.

〇 Odori Park
This park extending east to west in the center of downtown Sapporo covers an area of 78.901 m2 with a length of 1.5 km. The park is adorned with beautiful fountains, sculptures and flower gardens, and lined with carts of corn, a specialty of Sapporo, from spring through autumn. It also serves as a venue for various events, such as the Sapporo Snow Festival and White Illumination, and is well known as a symbol of Sapporo, Hokkaido.

〇 Hokkaido Shrine
This shrine, which was established in 1869, is revered as the central place for enshrining local and guardian gods in Hokkaido. The precincts covering an area of approximately 180,000 m2 are known as a cherry blossom viewing spot. Many people visit the shrine on New Year's day and other occasions. In June, the Hokkaido Shrine Festival (Sapporo Festival) is held, in which people parade to festival music through the streets carrying portable shrines and floats. Visitors can enjoy sights with an atmosphere of classical Japan.

〇 Maruyama Zoo
This is one of Hokkaido's foremost zoos with approximately 700 animals of 160 different species. Visitors can interact with animals all year round at various facilities, including Tropical Animal House with lions and giraffes, which are popular with children, World Bear House exhibiting six types of bears, Chimpanzee House, in which chimpanzees are shown in a simulated natural habitat with a 15-meter-high jungle gym, Hokkaido Sika Deer and Wolf House with a comfortable environment for humans and animals, and Kids' Zoo, where children can pet sheep and goats. The zoo attracts families and people of all ages as an enjoyable spot for children and adults alike.

〇 Shiroi Koibito Park
This is a sweets theme park, where visitors can tour the factory of Shiroi Koibito cookies, which is well known as a Hokkaido gift, savor original sweets at Chocolate Lounge, and make their own Shiroi Koibito cookies at Cookiecraft Studio.

〇 Former Hokkaido Government Office Building
This historical American neo-baroque-style structure was built in 1888, and is also known as Red Brick among Hokkaido residents. It houses archives and the Karafuto (Sakhalin) Museum, which are open to the public, and has been designated an important cultural asset by the national government.

〇 Sapporo TV Tower
Located in Nishi 1-chome of Odori Park, the Sapporo TV Tower was completed in 1956. Since then, this landmark of Sapporo has watched over the city for more than 60 years. The observation deck approximately 90 meters above the ground allows visitors to enjoy the seasonal beautiful scenery of Odori Park and events held there. It is a premium seat for viewing the White Illumination and the Sappro Snow Festival. On clear days, the Ishikari Plain and the Sea of Japan can also be seen.

〇 Sapporo Clock Tower
This structure was built in 1878 as a martial arts hall for Sapporo Agricultural College ? the predecessor of Hokkaido University. Since then, it has witnessed the history of Sapporo and changes in people's lives for over 130 years. Renovation work was conducted between 1995 and 1998, transforming it into a museum. The second floor reproduces scenes of the celebration held in the hall for Shosuke Sato, Takajiro Minami and Kingo Miyabe when they were awarded doctorates for the first time as graduates of Sapporo Agricultural College in 1899. This national important cultural property is also lent out as a hall for concerts, lecture meetings and wedding ceremonies at night.

〇 Sapporo Art Park
This comprehensive cultural facility is located in the hilly area of Minami-ku. Sculptures are exhibited on the vast premises surrounded by nature. The Sapporo Art Park Museum, Craft Studio, Craft Hall, Sculpture Garden, Takeo Arishima Residence and other facilities are also there, where various events are held throughout the year. The Art Park Center houses a restaurant with views of Sculpture Garden and a museum shop, and serves as a resting place and a base for the transmission of information about culture and art.